Closeup of Australian Dollar and American US Dollar

AUD/USD shorts at obstruction at 7510/30 worked impeccably as we hit best help at 7420/10 for a potential 100 pip benefit last week. Aches required stops under 7395.

NZD/USD sell signal was set off on Monday. Shorts at opposition at 7060/70 with a 120 pip expected benefit as we hit our objective and minor help at 6930/20.

AUD/JPY shorts from solid opposition at 8340/50 worked impeccably (in spite of the fact that we smashed from 4 pips underneath here) as we hit a definitive objective for last week at 8120/00. A potential 200 pip benefit?


AUD/USD yearns, best case scenario, support last week at 7420/10 designated 7450/55 then obstruction at 7480/90 for some benefit taking. Further gains met solid obstruction at 7520/30.

Shorts required stops over 7540. Aches required stops under 7399. A break lower was another medium term sell signal at first focusing on 7370 and 7340/30.

NZD/USD was lower, as anticipated, to the objective and minor help at 6930/20.

Gains were probably going to be restricted with opposition at 6970/80. Solid obstruction at 7000/20. Shorts required stops over 7035.

A break under 6900 was a sell signal focusing on 6850/45.

AUD/JPY was lower as anticipated and near our objective of 8120/00. THIS IS THE BEST SUPPORT FOR THE WEEK. Aches required stops under 8080. A break lower was a sell signal focusing on 8045/35, then, at that point 8010/00.

Yearns at 8120/00 designated 8190/8200. Further gains tried opposition at 8230/40.

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